Landing Page Concept
Here's a concept for a composing service that I plan on building out further.

Streaming Service Overview
I used my favorite show to design an overview page for a streaming service! The owls are not what they seem...

Photo credit: oakie

Form Design System
For this example, I tried to make as simple and clear of valid and error notification for forms. I checked the colors to confirm that the contrasts were within the realm of accessible.

Reverb Plugin UI
I wanted to try my hand at designing UI for a reverb effect used in audio production. I went for a minimalist approach to communicate visually as opposed to numerically. 

Windmill Vector Illustration
I had a great time completing this vector based illustration based on a tutorial from Envato Tutorials!

To Do List
I decided to test out a simple animation with this one, something I intend to continue to learn!







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