"Ben is the Dungeon Master of his own existence, four steps ahead of every risk and advocating for his party as they trove through the dark caverns of UX."
-Nick Anderson, UX Mentor

After studying History and Psychology I began a career in the arts. I started with archival and conservation framing and moved on to manage shops and help two companies open entirely new facilities. I eventually worked as a project manager for the nations largest Art Conservation facility, which took me all over the US assessing and caring for collections. I love adapting my creativity in new ways, which has led me to pursue a new path as a UX Designer where I continue to apply my drive to craft empathetic and sincere solutions for people.

I'm a native of Austin, TX who just moved to Denver after 9 years in Chicago. My love of the outdoors is part of what brought me here! I have always loved hiking and am pursuing winter sports during my first winter in the city. I'm incredibly passionate about music - listening, performing or writing. I'm also an avid reader - from History & Psychology to Fantasy & Horror, I'm very comfortable lounging with a good book.
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